Corporate Event

What we offer

TeaDao has developed a comprehensive corporate tea program.

We demonstrate how and why premium quality tea directly benefits staff well-being, culture and how these factors can influence the long-term success of the company.

Besides just talking and educating, TeaDao offers active participation via tea tastings, allowing attendees to directly experience the effect that good teas can have on them.

Effective tools that increase workplace connection, collaboration and productivity


TeaDao offers an exclusive range of
seasonal, fresh teas.

Practical instructions on how to properly brew tea individually or for a group


An exclusive range of teas scientifically proven to enhance, productivity, creativity and focus


Simple, elegant and practical teasets

Fine teas can be surprisingly helpful for people in the corporate environment.


What is tea?

Tea refers to one single plant, "Camellia sinensis" or simply the "tea plant". We focus on premium quality teas, sourced directly from farmers in China and Japan to guarantee consistent quality.

Tea can be divided into several different categories. Each type possesses a huge diversity of taste, aroma and unique effects.



Calming, alterness, creativity, re-energising, immune boost


Energy hit, increased cognitive abilities, immune system boost


Mindfulness, clarity, refresh, reset, metabolism enhancer


Focus, awareness, warming, stress reducer, brain boost


Contemplation, meditation, digestion, immune boost

Scientific benefits of tea

Tea has been drunk for it's remarkable health benefits for thousands of years, however we strongly encourage promoting the most recent scientific research findings, based on which high quality, premium teas can greatly boost health and well-being, which is not available with most conventional teas.

Decreased risk of heart disease

Decreased cortisol levels (stress)

Decreased risk of alzheimers and dementia

Increased metabolism

Decreased cholesterol and stroke risk

Strong anti-cancer and anti-aging properties


Les de la Force

Managing Director

"I am a big coffee drinker, easily having 3 to 4 cups a day at work. I am not a tea drinker, but after drinking one of TeaDao's white teas, the captivating taste and aroma along with a profound feeling of being calm but alert was something I have never experienced before with tea. Taking regular tea breaks helped me to improve my focus and also created a space where I could better connect with other staff and share ideas. Having the ability to sit down and have a mindful conversation is so important and integral to the corporate culture of an organisation. This experience has converted me now to drinking tea of this high quality."

Petra R.

Graphic Designer

"I am a daily tea drinker myself, but was amazed at the quality of Teadao teas. Never before had i experienced such a meditative and relaxing ritual as that of a tea ceremony. My colleagues and i now take an afternoon break for some tea every day! Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free for me to get my favourite teas! I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding products and offering it in a way that it can be incorporated into my stressful work life!"

Ellene T.

Marketing Director

"I will refer everyone I know. Man, these teas are getting better and better as I learn more about them. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! It's exactly what I've been looking for. I STRONGLY recommend Teadao to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business! It's a truly wonderful service and product that allows my team to come together and take a tea break. I am completely blown away and can't wait to see more events on offer."