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Corporate TeaDao

Tea health workshop

Event designed for the understanding and applying of teas as a tool for health, vigour and wellbeing. Learn to serve tea for yourself, friends or your clients.
Key facts about the history of tea, rituals and traditions.
Scientific health benefits of tea.
Main tea categories (white, green, red, black, yellow, oolong and puer).
A Tea tradition for the 21st century Seasonality of teas, medical effects of teas​.

TeaCulture Ceremony

Teas of the month, Dragon well (Longjing), Fuding, White tea, Black Jasmine.
Journey deep into the history of tea.
The science of tea and its health benefits.
Distinguishing and sourcing premium teas.
Foundations of tea preparation.
The art of a good cup.
Asian philosophy and the art of tea culture.
Tea networking​.

TeaDao Ceremony

Introducing the Art of Tea.

Tea- "Funding" white tea

Meditative Qigong breathing exercises.

Connecting to tea and elements.

Setting intentions with tea.

Earthing and grounding QiGong exercises.

Sharing tea, Q & A, group discussion​.

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