Organic Lishan Spring Taiwanese Oolong

An exceptional example of a Taiwanese high mountain oolong


Origin: Mount Pear, Taiwan

Pick date: May 2020

Best before:  Better with age

Cultivated high in the Taiwanese mountains this organic Lishan (Mt. Pear) spring tea has a crisp floral note and a very smooth and pure taste.

Very limited and small batch.


This is an exceptional tea that can easily provide 10 infusions in a session.

Tasting profile

Aroma: A mix of creamy, floral and jasmine notes hit the nose

Flavour: Raw vegetal with strong mineral presence with a strong fresh sweetness

Texture: Light and lively, making the mouth and body feel clean and refreshed. Body becomes thicker with subsequent infusions.


Store in an airtight, cool, dry place in opaque packaging.