Organic Pu erh

Earthy, rich and very grounding


Origin: Yunnan, China

Pick date: April 2019

Best before: gets better with age

One of the best teas for quiet contemplation and meditation. Very grounding and nourishing pour after pour.

Smelling this tea is like being gently enveloped a thick bed of moss in an old growth forest. A warm embrace which strongly grounds. Fully certified as organic.

Tasting profile

Aroma: Very rich and complex profile with oak cask, honey, rooibos and cinnamon notes.

Flavour: Slightly sweet rooibos, wet wood and overtones of fresh tobacco and beeswax.

Texture: Full bodied and smooth, its flows effortlessly down the gullet.


Store in a dark, cool, dry place with minimal odours.


Small (20g), Medium (50g), Large (100g)